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Ashens and the Polybius Heist

Ashens and the Polybius Heist 2020

The much-requested sequel to the 2013 film Ashens and the Quest for the GameChild. Five years after finding the elusive knock-off toy known as the GameChild, tat-obsessed collector Ashens has continued to find rare gaming gadgets. But now it's time for the biggest challenge of his life. He must put a crew together and attempt to steal the most infamous video game of all time: the legendary Polybius, the mind-bending arcade game thought to be an urban legend.

Genres: Comedy
Starts: Robert Llewellyn, Sule Rimi, Stuart Ashen, Sharune, Eli Silverman, Maria Alexandrova, Nicky Burke, Stuggy, Steve Langley, Alexander Tol
Director: Riyad Barmania

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