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Mary for Mayor

Mary for Mayor 2020

Mary Parsons, the smartest girl in her graduating high school class, has a grudge against her dad, the Mayor of the small town and community they live in. Several years ago, he dumped Mary and her mom during a typical, mid-life meltdown. Now eighteen, Mary has found the perfect way to get back at him - run for Mayor against him! She gives up a lot to do this, not the least of which is passing up the opportunity to attend college along with her friends including her high school sweetheart. Making her decision all the more difficult, Mary was accepted to every university to which she applied. She worked hard for what should be the best years of her life, but instead chooses to stay behind to wage war against her get even. Mary's mother and grandfather, the local preacher, along with pretty much everyone else in town, know why she's doing this. Even though Mary denies it at first, she's too smart to not see it herself. But her mind is made up and, when she puts her mind to something, she focuses on it and won't let go until it's done. Then something happens; in the middle of the battle with her dad, she discovers that the town actually could use new leadership and some forward thinking. A fresh coat of paint wouldn't hurt either. Once a great summer vacation community, the town has suffered, along with other small American towns in recent years. Small businesses have closed their doors and main Street is disappearing. Mary comes up with some out of the box solutions that ignite and inspire the town. It looks like she might just win.... What begins as a story of "pay back," becomes a tale of a young woman's novel ideas on how to reinvent her community and, in doing so, make peace with her father - and maybe even get the boy.

Genres: Comedy, Family
Starts: Corbin Bernsen, Amanda Pays, Cameron Protzman, Frances Mitchell, Vincent Duvall, Kelley Davis, Robert Shepherd
Director: Chris Aronoff

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