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Offstage Elements

Offstage Elements 2019

Faith meets heavy metal when an aspiring local heavy metal band's lead singer gets cancer and returns to the rock scene as a devout "born-again" Christian. The band's dark and demonic members struggle with this drastic transformation, while dealing with their own downward spirals. The lead singer (Vik) discovers how challenging bringing both world's together really is, while trying to find success as a band, yet saving his bandmates from their own self-destruction. Hollywood actors Mike Starr and Tony Darrow are featured.

Runtime: 107
Genres: Drama
Starts: Mike Starr, Tony Darrow, Brian Anthony Wilson, Karen Giordano, Denise D'Ascenzo, Maggie Shirk, Christopher Mann, Peter Patrikios, Booch O'Connell
Director: Frank Lisi

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