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The Murder of Hi Good

The Murder of Hi Good 2012

imdb 6.5 64

Based on historical events, The Murder of Hi Good is a true crime revisionist Acid Western set in the frontier of Northern California, 1870. Shot on 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm and Mini DV, It details the eventual murder of California's most notorious Indian hunter; Hiram (Hi) Good. Most historians believe that his indentured servant "Indian Ned" killed him, a native boy whom he'd raised as a son. It's suspected that Ned was influenced by the nearby Mill Creek Indians or "diggers", who were struggling to eke out an existence on their ancestral lands.

Runtime: 73
Genres: Western
Starts: David Nordstrom, Cory Zacharia, Al Bringas, Eric H. Heisner
Director: Lee Lynch

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