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Neon Detroit Knights

Neon Detroit Knights 2019

imdb 2.8 8

Two detectives are in over their heads after being placed under cover to take down a crime syndicate. 30 years after their Captain was murdered, they are employed by the very person they were placed undercover to take down. Now working the Detroit night streets to recruit low level criminals into the crime syndicate's's organization. One night while out on a delivery mission, they spot a suspect that is more than meets the eye. They chase him right back through a time portal back to the 80's. Can they fix their past without destroying the future.

Runtime: 89
Genres: Sci-Fi
Starts: Jonathan Orr, Demaris Harvey, Scotty Felsenfeld, Christopher Collins, Stacy Calloway, Keith Henige, Chidiebere Izenwata, Keith Kalfas, Julius Kline III
Director: Quentin Howell, Quentin

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