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The Witness

The Witness 2019

imdb 6.5 152

There is an accident. A young man dies and a young woman loses her eyesight and becomes blind. She was about to become a cop, but that vocation is not to be. Opportunity to do policing work comes to pass several years when the woman is in minor accident and hears a girl. Cusrious and investigating she meets a boy. She senses something dangerous a foot.

Runtime: 128
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Starts: Riho Yoshioka, Mahiro Takasugi, Tomorô Taguchi, Kôdai Asaka, Jun Kunimura, Miyuki Matsuda, Kôji Ohkura, Yoshi Sakô, Kôya Matsudai
Director: Jun'ichi Mori, Junichi Mori

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