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Little Love Song

Little Love Song 2019

imdb 6.1 114

Inspired by a hit song by Mongol800, there is a small town in Okinawa where the US occupation forces are stationed and have fenced off their base. A popular high school band is scouted by a Tokyo-based record company. The band is involved in a car accident, however, shattering many hopes. The band receives a demo tape from a girl who lives on the navy base. They are reinvigorated.

Runtime: 123
Genres: Romance, Drama, Music
Starts: Katrina Bourdo, Leigh Carmichael, Kazuhiko Kanayama, Gordon Maeda, Yûki Morinaga, Hiroko Nakajima, Kôzô Satô, Misa Shimizu, Hayato Sano, Jeffrey Rowe
Director: Kôjirô Hashimoto

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