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My Comic Shop Country

My Comic Shop Country 2019

imdb 8.8 18

My Comic Shop Country is a feature-length documentary film exploring the business, fandom, and community of comic book stores across the United States. In 2015, New York's Alternate Realities closed after 23 years in operation, setting filmmaker-and former AR employee-Anthony Desiato on a quest to explore the comics retail industry from coast to coast. Comic book characters are box office gold, but why isn't the same necessarily true for comic stores? See how the 20 shops featured in the film are turning the tide, one customer at a time, seven days a week. Plus: Learn the fate (and future?) of Alternate Realities.

Runtime: 85
Starts: Allen Baus, Paul Borrero, Patrick Brower, Corry Brown, Gabe Bustamantez, Pat Callanan, Drew Cheskin, Tom Darby
Director: Anthony Desiato

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