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La historia del baúl rosado

La historia del baúl rosado 2005

imdb 6.2 156

In 1945, in the Train Station of Bogota, Colombia, a dead girl is found in a trunk. The case is assigned to Detective Mariano Corzo, and he has to deal with the yellow journalist Hipólito Mosquera meanwhile he solves the mystery case, besides nobody knows who the girl is, or who put she in the trunk either. The things turn worst when Mosquera says in a newspaper that the trunk is pink, when it is actually brown and wooden. With the help of the bar tender Martina Quijano, Corzo will find an answer for the question: Who killed the girl and why?

Runtime: 97
Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery
Starts: Edgardo Román, Dolores Heredia, Rolf Abderhalden, Santiago García
Director: Libia Stella Gómez

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